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Sophie Joanne Lotus Pendant White Opal

  • $1,227.00
Sophie Joanne


Opal is an emotionally supportive and nurturing stone. It is grounding for the emotional body and is excellent for alleviating worry and stress. 

Keywords: emotional protection, calming


Tsavorite represents prosperity and abundance, it balances the energetic flow throughout the body, from the base to the crown. It is a stone that supports altruistic pursuits and provides strength when faced with direct challenges. It helps maintain

your own destiny rather than struggling and running after those things which are truly not yours.
Keywords: Prosperity, balance, focus

Recycled Gold

This piece is made from recycled gold, this means the gold is reclaimed from previously owned jewellery, which is then melted and newly refined. This way we limit the impact of our production on our planet and its communities.