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Assouline Barbie

  • $105.00

Celebrate the sixty-fifth anniversary of the world’s most popular doll with Assouline's Barbie book, a 340-page feature with over 350 illustrations highlighting her fascinating history.

From Marilyn Monroe to Margot Robbie, fashion designers to first responders, Barbie is the essential primer of an American phenomenon. Today, more than a billion Barbie dolls with over 250 careers have been purchased worldwide, offered in an array of different nationalities, ethnicities, and body types.

In these pages, readers will discover not only Barbie’s rich history but her singular magic: She is a doll through whom girls can project their own fantasies, whether it be doctor, rock star, paleontologist, Olympic gold medalist, Major League Baseball player, virologist, or ecologist.


Assouline's Barbie coffee table book is the perfect addition to your home collection, to showcase in an office, or to give as a gift in celebration of a special occasion.