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Dyne x The Seven 18K Yellow Gold Cloud Ring with Diamond

  • $7,600.00

This two-sided pendant, plays with the concept of eternity and immortality.

*Senolytics/Cognitive Supplements: * Silicon Valley's focus on life enhancement drugs.

*Peach & Bats:* s i g n i fi e s the wish for good fortune, happiness, longevity / immortality.

*Ankh:* Life.

*Amaranth:* r e fl e c t s the concept of "unfading." emphasizing immortality and resilience.

*Lotus Flower:* Signifying resilience in life, portraying the ability to persevere gracefully in challenging circumstances.

*Moon: * Representative of l i f e ' s ebb and flow.

Inscription: "Ad Vitam Aeternam"