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Dyne x The Seven 18K Yellow Gold Pinky Ring with Blue Sapphire & Diamonds

  • $8,500.00

The ring, a homage to the matriarch, features symbols encapsulating her diverse role:  *Ant:* Unity, teamwork, and organization.

*Bee:* Community, cooperation, and nurture.

*Hamsa:* A symbol of protection, emphasizing commitment to guide and safeguard family / community.

*Lotus Flower:* Signifying resilience and beauty, portraying the ability to persevere gracefully in challenging circumstances.

*Moon:* Representative of femininity and l i f e ' s ebb and flow.

*Egyptian Heart:* Symbolizing morality and love, underscoring the instilling of ethical values and compassion within family or community.

*Fertility Doll:* femininity, fertility and motherhood.

Inscription: "Ad Astra per Aspera"